Why Visit Us

1 / High service standard with the warmth and proximity of a Boutique Hotel

At l’Orangeraie, we offer more than the bed and the shower. We understand the difference between a good experience and an exceptional one. We are sensitive to your needs, and we like to find ways to prove it on a daily basis.
We are very present before your arrival to help you organise all the details of your stay. You have a question, a special request? Email us, call us, WhatsApp us or Skype us to discuss about a day trip, what to visit, which restaurant to book… and you will always get someone available to listen and advise you.
During your stay at the Riad, we will share with you all our tips and best secrets to discover the city and the region. For our size, we have an intentionally large, dedicated team of staff who genuinely enjoy what they do and all this appears in the service we provide to our guests. They will want to know your every whim and how you like to be looked after while you are in our ‘l’Orangeraie’ home.
This is not just saying, it is what we’ve been doing day after day for 18 years.

2/ Feeling to be really at home, in a welcoming atmosphere

At l’Orangeraie, we definitely give more than just an accommodation. Helping as much as we can, make your stay outstanding and smiling is our nature. We work with passion, love and dedication to ensure you an authentic experience without sacrificing to the comfort of a luxury hotel. But what is the most important for us is to make you feel at home and after a few days with us, we can guarantee that you will really feel at home away from home. We hope you will come to know that feeling of belonging with us, when, long after you have left, you still smile when you think of your home from home in Marrakech.

3/ Prime and safest location in the medina

L’Orangeraie is located in the heart of Marrakech’s medina, in the ‘Mouassine’ district, definitely the safest and most desirable quarters in Marrakech. Although Marrakech is very safe (with a very low criminality rate compared to most capitals in Europe and Americas), we are located in the main street of the district and not in a narrow and dark alley of the medina which will reinforce the feeling of safety whilst you will be wandering around the Riad. In 14 years of business, we only recall one incident to one of our guests which actually did not happen that close to us.

4 / 18 years of experience, awards and recognition

We started the Riad 18 years ago and these long years of experience allowed us to make the necessary changes in our approach when things needed to be improved. We have plenty of guests who come back to the Riad very regularly and our reviews over the years speak for us. We are very proud to say that in 2020 this is the sixth consecutive year that we are “Travellers Choice of the year” on TripAdvisor and ranked number four in our category in all Morocco in 2020.

5 / We are deeply integrated in the local social and economic environment and we respect the rules set by the local authorities

At l’Orangeraie, all our staff members are from Marrakech or the Ourika Valley; most of our suppliers are settled in the Medina and preferably in our district Mouassine. We support local economy in working with local shops, grocers, craftsmen… satisfying the first rule of a good environmental policy. In addition, we have a program to save energy and recycle our waste. All our staff members are declared to the authorities, we respect work regulation, and more generally try to integrate the best environmental practices.

6 / Our fantastic in-house food experience

Fresh products cooked “a la minute”, transformed into delicious traditional dishes, two dedicated and passionate chefs, all ingredients are combined to offer you one of your best foodie experience in Marrakech. Nadia, Laila and her kitchen’s team don’t even know what frozen food is…no need to say more isn’t it?!
If you don’t experience dining or lunching at the Riad, you will anyway experience our yummy and fulfilling breakfast. We’ve never met a guest who didn’t enjoy our home made breakfast!

7/ We help you organise the rest of your trip in Morocco if needed

We have great connections with other boutique hotels and riads all over the country. (Links).
We’ve been working with the same transport company since our opening in 2002, and throughout the years, we started offering our help to our guests to organise their trip through Morocco.
Your dream is to experience a sightseeing tour in Morocco, not necessarily starting from Marrakech, but you want to make sure you meet the same comfort standards at each stopover? We combine both experiences to organise your transportation and book your hotels; this is our travel agent side of business, and you won’t find many riads doing this with efficiency and professionalism. This without any additional costs!

8/ Most of our team is multilingual (Arabic, French, English, Spanish) so we can all communicate with you

This makes a huge difference. Communication is easy!! We understand your needs and can address any questions at all time. The success of a trip is also meeting people, interacting with them, sharing views and opinions, having an understanding of each other’s life.  At l’Orangeraie, our team will always be happy to interact with you, answer questions and explain you more about their life. They love to communicate the warmth and generosity of the Moroccan culture, and this without having the barrier of the language. Chat to them, they’ll offer you a real and intimate insight into Moroccan living. Our logic approach versus their storytelling, living in the moment versus planning for the future…”Inch Allah”. They will happily teach you a few Arabic sentences!

9/ Transparent and reasonable pricing, good value for money

We are not cheap but we genuinely believe that we are very, very good value for money compared to our competitors. Their extras are our essentials; we offer you breakfast, high speed Wi-Fi connection post cards to send home, a good map of the medina, complimentary tea and coffee whenever you want. We also lend you for the duration of your stay a Moroccan mobile phone to stay in touch with us at all time, and avoid rooming rates on your own mobile. Our breakfasts are huge and you would never find us short in advices and presence during your stay. In addition, there is no hidden cost anywhere and all charges are clearly indicated on our booking confirmation.

10/ Very comfortable bedding and shower with water pressure (a rarity in the medina)

When we started the renovation of the Riad, if there was one point on which we insisted at the time, it was to have a plumbing system which works well and gives water pressure to our guests. In fact we could not stand the idea of having our guests taking shower under a trickle of water. We have two machines which give water pressure in addition to the water system provided by the city of Marrakech. This is rare in the medina.
At l’Orangeraie, you will not find bedding from the Souk but high standard quality mattresses (Simmons brand) changed very regularly which will guarantee a very comfortable sleep.

11/ If you ever needed a reason to come back again and again, there’s one: each of our 7 rooms is decorated differently. You can make a “project” of visiting here 7 times in order to check out each and every décor style in order to choose your favourite.

12/ Romance! Look up the word “romance” in the dictionary and you’ll see “Stay at l’Orangeraie!”

13/We welcome children… when accompanied by well-behaved parents.