The principles of sustainable tourism are embedded in the management of our hotel. As valuable resources like water and energy are not inexhaustible, we implemented an environmental policy and action plan to help protect the environment and biodiversity, prioritise local development and respect the community that welcomes us. We have since been awarded the Green Key label.

Water management

We have flow regulators on taps and showers, water-efficient toilets, and only change sheets and towels every 2 days (unless guests request otherwise).


We use energy-saving light bulbs and monitor our electrical consumption, which enables us to analyse the performance of the house on an ongoing basis and set targets to remain as energy efficient as possible.

Sustainable Purchasing

We have recycled paper in the bathrooms and office, and use eco cleaning/laundry products. For groceries, we favour organic farmers or rational agriculture, and foster partnerships with local companies and suppliers who share this ethos.


Raising awareness: our staff have been trained to apply and, more importantly, understand these principles. A Moroccan trainer helped raise awareness of the importance of sustainable practice with references to the Koran and Moroccan culture. These principles are now so embedded in our employees’ day-to-day lives, that they now apply the same measures at home and pass them onto their children, which for us is the best reward.

We make our guests aware of our sustainable approach, and ask that they employ simple measures to help, such as turning off air conditioning and lights in their rooms when they are out, and reusing bath towels.

Spreading awareness: If you have stumbled upon this page, consider watching ‘Demain’ by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion, a documentary-movie we really liked, which touches upon many environmental and social challenges.