The Team

Our Family

Through my travels around the world, my most vivid memories are meeting people. This is the spirit I tried to keep in mind when I had to select the people who would work with me at l’Orangeraie, and characterise the atmosphere of the riad.

Our Ethos

Neighbourliness, generosity and hospitality are part of Morocco’s essence. Taking this down to a smaller scale, the riad is the perfect place to experience a taste of the country’s outstanding warmth.

All of our staff live in Marrakech or the nearby Ourika Valley. It was always important for me to maintain this, in order to integrate the riad into the local social structure, and ensure easy communication with guests by building a multi-lingual team.

We operate within a flexible hierarchical system, but everybody knows what they have to do. This informal atmosphere doesn’t sacrifice our high levels of professionalism. In fact, what emerges in the thousands of reviews left by our guests, is heartfelt praise for our discreet service, and the fact that people feel part of the family when they stay.

Humour, kindness, helpfulness and an unfailing smile, along with professionalism and diligence, are the ingredients we’ll offer you during your stay at l’Orangeraie.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home.

Sixteen years have passed, and I’m proud to say that today, l’Orangeraie’s staff is more than just a team – it’s a real family, that has evolved through the years. Some members like Khadija or Nadia have been with us since the very beginning; some came later. Others left but have remained very close to us. The good mood that has always reigned and still reigns at l’Orangeraie is one of people who are closely bonded. And this, we are deeply proud to say, is always noticed by the visitors who stay with us.