Top recommendations for active explorers – hiking, swimming pools, running routes, golf

Some of our guests prefer a holiday where they do absolutely nothing but relax while others prefer to be more active during their time in Marrakech by engaging in a bit of sports. I’m a big fan of sports myself and cannot imagine a week’s holiday without being active. If you are like 

me, these are a few local tips for a pleasant sporting experience in Marrakech.

Finding the only lap pool in Marrakech took a bit of time but what a great find it was! There is only one pool in Marrakech  as Moroccans are not that into competitive swimming. The pool is located on the road to the Atlas Mountains in an aquapark called Ouasiria located 15 minutes away by car from Riad l’Orangeraie. In Ouasiria, there is a private club with a pool which tourists can access for the day with a fee of 13 Euros. The pool is empty most of the time. If you are used to crowded pools in Europe or the US, this would be heaven on earth for you.

If you are into running in the morning, like a lot of our guests, you should leave the Riad around 7am to avoid the crowd on the streets of the medina and to be back on time for breakfast.

The easiest route to run from the Riad is to leave the medina through Bab El Ksour at the end of our street and then continue around the Cyberpark and the walls of the old medina. After reaching the roundabout of the hotel ‘La Mamounia’, you will need to turn right in the direction of the Menara and head straight for 3km, after which you can run inside and around the basin of the Menara, which is a pavilion. The Menara are surrounded by orchards and olive groves which makes it very pleasant to run through. The whole run to and back to the Riad is approximately 8 km.

If you are about hiking, we have our ‘mister hike’ in the Mountains at the Riad and talking with Aziz will not be only a pleasure but he will explain to you where to go by yourself or suggest to bring you with him for a whole day in the Mountains. That said the paths in Morocco are not as well marked as in Europe and I strongly suggest to go with Aziz or one of the guides of the Kasbah du Toubkal who organise fantastic hikes but also treks for a few days through the Atlas Mountains.  

There are a lot of golf courses in Marrakech and it can actually be a bit overwhelming to choose between them.  

To my point of view, three courses are standing out from the others, it is Assoufid golf club, Fairmont Royal Palm and Samanah  and it is always better to book a tee time especially during the high seasons as these three courses are popular although Samanah’s location is a bit far from the center of the city.

About the author

Cyril is a French lawyer reconverted into an hotelier. He spent his time between Morocco and France for the last 18 years and currently own Riad l’Orangeraie.