Lying just one hour's drive from Marrakech, a visit to the Ourika Valley allows plenty of opportunities for your driver to stop along the way. He'll stay with you for the day, and make whatever detours you wish. On Mondays, for instance, you will want to visit the weekly Berber market. You'll be one of only a very few tourists to get this authentic glimpse into rural life in the mountains.

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  • Set off from Marrakech around 9am, after breakfast. But since the journey time is very short, some guests choose to leave a little later and have more time in bed or over breakfast!
  • Take in the Berber market (Mondays only)
  • Progress deeper into the valley, hugging the river bank. The river's character changes dramatically between Summer (when it is little more than a gentle brook) and Spring (when its flow can be severe enough at times to make the road impassable).
  • The road ends at the hamlet of Setti Fatma. Here you'll be able to enjoy lunch along the banks of the river - either on arrival, or after a walk up to the local falls. There are a series of seven waterfalls one can visit. The nearest will be accessible to all, but others will require a fair degree of physical agility as well as hiking boots or sport shoes.
  • You'll need to allow two hours to get the most out of the complete walk.
  • You'll be back in Marrakech between 4-5pm, in plenty of time to prepare for dinner.


Cost: 70 Euros (for groups of up to 4). Covers cost of transport and driver.
Meals/refreshments extra.