The charming fishing port of Essaouira is the perfect destination for a day's excursion away from Marrakech (2 1/2 hours drive, approximately).

Essaouira is far more than a simple fishing port. It's a delightful seaside town boasting an expansive sandy beach, and a small walled Medina full of interesting shops which can be easily explored on foot during your visit. Shoppers will appreciate the fact that prices there are somewhat lower than in Marrakech, and that the pace is more relaxed than it can be here.  The normally windy conditions in Essaouira make this a good spot for either watching kite-surfers or enjoying the sport yourself.

The excursion can be customised to your needs, but the typical day will look like this:

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  • Set off from Marrakech around 9am after enjoying a delicious breakfast on our roof terrace.
  • Arrive in Essaouira at 11.30am, or a little after that if you have chosen to visit the Argan Oil farms on the way.
  • First stop - the harbour, in time to see the fishing boats unload their catch.
  • What else for lunch but the freshest of seafood? You'll find the best value meal in the small plaza adjacent to the harbour, where your choice of fish will be grilled right before you.
  • Alternatively, though somewhat more expensive, we recommend the "Chalet de la Plage" which faces the beach, with the rampart walls as a backdrop. Reservations are recommended - though we can of course arrange this for you before you leave Marrakech.
  • After lunch you'll have time to explore the old city and its souks. Bartering here is considerably more relaxed than in Marrakech, and prices generally lower as well.
  • Finally, a chance to stroll on the sandy beach, or enjoy a drink in one of the many bars looking out over the sea, before meeting up with your driver at the pre-agreed time/location. You'll be back in Marrakech around 7.30pm.


Cost: 110 Euros (for groups of up to 4). Covers cost of transport and driver. Meals/refreshments extra.